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About starfishos

What Is StarFish OS(SFO)?

Starfish is a representative of global decentralization. As an innovative form of institution and management, starfish institution has changed the form of traditional centralized management in the past and will have a profound impact on the future economic model, community form and even the change of social institution form.

What is the Starfish DAO Governance Platform?

Many DAO organizations around the world need a set of neutral and decentralized third-party DAO governance tool. Starfish team built an open DAO governance platform that users can find their own DAO organizations on the platform to participate and vote in governance.

Features of the Starfish DAO Governance Platform:

1. It is based on the smart contract technology with the blockchain as the underlying layer, so the process and results of its rules, roles, decision-making, discussion, and voting are publicly recorded and traceable on the chain.

2. Decentralized voting governance rules are determined by the community and will not be controlled by centralized organizations. Communities can participate in the governance independently without employment and hierarchical structure.

3. All codes are audited by professional companies to ensure safety and reliability. This platform can support voting with LP and functions such as Token incentives via voting.

What is Starfish OS?

• Starfish is the English name and OS is short for Operating System.

• Starfish OS is a starfish-style institution consensus collaboration system, which is a platform for the community to interact with investors and media.

• Starfish OS is a lightweight nursery GameFi that allows users to P2E (Play to Earn) by feeding Starfish.

• Starfish OS has a task publishing system where users earn M2E (Mission to Earn) by collecting and completing Missions.

•Starfish OS adopts the promotion method of sharing fission, and users do S2E (Share to Earn) by recommending sharing.

•Starfish OS has different NFT permanent on-chain tokens that bind community institutions to collaborate through contracts, gradually forming the beginning of DAO.

•Starfish OS locates user portrait attributes based on professional task completion and project task preference more accurately, providing an accurate positioning and matching system for subsequent on-chain user sharing.

What medium does the system run through?

Starfish OS is a lightweight GameFi nursery P2E game that runs on four NFT releases as media. Starfish OS locks in the ecological rights of different NFTS in the form of smart contracts, and the NFT of the KOL and the user can be upgraded and transferred over time.

• Community members earn money through games and task systems.

• KOL leads the community to share profits on the platform.

• Media provides accurate services and information through the platform.

• Institutions deliver welfare and tasks through the platform.

What is the token offering program like?

The SFO has 1 billion pieces in total, adopting a deflationary model of high consumption and periodic destruction.

• Core Team:4% , locked for half a year, and released linearly on a monthly basis in 48 phases.

• Ecological Construction:2% , 20% of it will be released initially, and 80% will be released linearly in 18 phases after half a year.

• Technology Update and Maintenance: 2%, 20% of it will be released initially, and 80% will be released linearly in 18 monthly phases after half a year.

• Operation: 1% , 20% of it will be released initially, and 80% will be released linearly on a monthly basis in 18 phases after half a year.

• Liquidity Maintenance: 1%, all for LP pot.

• Game: 90%, and the output stops when all the token are released.

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Launched on Jun 15, 2022

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