Mock Crypto (MOCK)

Network: Ethereum (ETH)

About Mock Crypto

This early project is around a 100k MC. We are currently a project that if people are looking will be thinking "is this a real project or is it just some fly by night token that wasn't really meant to last long"?

The simple answer is: Yes this is a real project, and it will persist because of all people, I am committed to making it a lasting project by working on it for several years regardless of the marketcap being up or down. I am satisfied that it did not move up too fast in these first days because I genuinely do care far more about a tight nit and based community that wants to work long term to make the project grow in a more sustainable way. If there are even ten ultra committed individuals in a project that can accumulate 5% supply each and work for their bags, then a project will absolutely moon when a catalyst is implemented.

Is that kind of supply control unrealistic? Absolutely not, these marketcaps allow people to acquire 2% of the project for about one Ethereum. Still though why would someone be willing to risk that kind of money on a low marketcap like this? I am absolutely committed to this project, and so the risk should definitely be calculated based on the idea that you know I will be working long term on this project and how you think that will impact it’s marketcap over the course of time. That decision is your judgement, but I really do want the people paying attention right now to understand what kind of commitment you found here at this price.

Mock Crypto Coin Information

Mock Crypto is a new cryptocurrency that was launched on Nov 27, 2023. As of today, the Mock Crypto price is currently at $0.00001221, with a 24-hour trading volume of $0. Despite being a new token, Mock Crypto has already attracted a lot of interest from investors due to its unique features and potential for growth.

Mock Crypto FAQ

What is the price of Mock Crypto today?

The current price of a single Mock Crypto coin is about $0.00001221.

How do I buy Mock Crypto?

You can buy Mock Crypto on Uniswap exchange.

Is Mock Crypto a scam?

To get the most precise and in-depth scam analysis, check Mock Crypto with the Top100Token Scanner tool.

What is Mock Crypto smart contract address?

Mock Crypto smart contract address is 0x892367625303e8535756081a322b00f7f1ac655d.

What is the Mock Crypto Market Cap today?

Mock Crypto Market Cap is $122.1k today.

What's the last 24h Mock Crypto trading volume?

Trading volume of Mock Crypto in the last 24h was $0 over 0 transactions.

How much money is in Mock Crypto Liquidity Pool?

There is $21,372 in Mock Crypto liquidity pool.

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Mock Crypto Token Price

Buy -
Sell -
Volume $0.0
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
Total supply10.0B
Market Cap$122.1k
All Time HighNov 30, 2023, 6:34 PM
$0.0001576-92.25 %
All Time High LPDec 2, 2023, 12:30 AM
$164,329 -73.99 %

Launched on Nov 27, 2023

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