LandRocker (LRT)

Network: Polygon (MATIC)

This is a Presale Project!

About LandRocker

LandRocker innovates P2E gaming, combining Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Win for a sustainable economy. Tackling inflation, revenue decline, and trust with blockchain, we ensure consistent earnings and equal chances for players. LandRocker is a P2E game about discovery and space exploration. Discover crypto, NFTs, and crafting materials in a multi-universe environment featuring AI-generated planets.

LandRocker Coin Information

This is a Presale Project!

LandRocker's official website, offers more information about the token and its features. Additionally, LandRocker has an active Telegram community , which provides a platform for investors to discuss the token and stay up to date on its progress.

LandRocker FAQ

Is LandRocker a scam?

To get the most precise and in-depth scam analysis, check LandRocker with the Top100Token Scanner tool.

What is LandRocker smart contract address?

LandRocker smart contract address is 0xfb7f8A2C0526D01BFB00192781B7a7761841B16C.

What's the last 24h LandRocker trading volume?

Trading volume of LandRocker in the last 24h was $0 over 0 transactions.

How much money is in LandRocker Liquidity Pool?

There is $0 in LandRocker liquidity pool.

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Launched on Nov 27, 2023

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