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About HYBX

HYBX to our knowledge is the first gold backed DEFI/DEX crypto token in the world economy. HYBX Can only minted when user Purchase 11:11 Coin through our 11:11 Coin/HYBX ICO widget Or HYBX can be Airdropped to any account holding 11:11 but has not yet received their HYBX as proof of Ownership of Gold. HYBX is right now being used to buy and sell products and services, such as building materials, Furniture, Electrical items etc.
Our target audience is and could be anyone who is participating in the Australian retail marketplace or economy, who meet and obey all laws, regulations, and taxes. We have registered our companies with ASIC and Austrac, we also have been in contact with or working with, Lawyers, Accountants, ATO and other Australian businesses and individuals.
Micro Economic Ecosystem (MEE). Scalability
The project founders are working with the legal and financial advisors currently to up scale the business. Subjects most important to the project are the structure of the unlisted public company including share issuance. Updating T&Cs correctly and structuring legal definitions of assets and securities within the project. These are some of the steps we are taking to help guarantee the best outcome for the Alltra world 11:11 coin community members.
We are a young Australian fintech business who assesses our businesses opportunities with an open-minded attitude eg; cash payments, alternative currency payments, potential joint ventures, investors and holders of 11::11 and HYBX. Farmers, Wholesale Suppliers, Manufactures, Builders and Designers, thus creating a Micro Economic Ecosystem (MEE).
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Launched on Nov 24, 2022

In case of missing or misleading information please