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About Astro Token

Astro Token $ABB is the native token of the Astro Babies NFT ecosystem. The High profile Astro Babies NFT brand has continued to trailblaze within the NFT space, presenting the ultimate utility for NFTs. Astro Token presents many utilities as the native token to the Astro Babies ecosystem, including the payment method for rebates in the innovative Astro Gallery NFT marketplace and integration into the Metaverse/Land Based Astro Casino.

$ABB is distributed to all Astro Babies NFT holders through a tier based earning model. 33% of the revenue generated by Astro Gallery NFT marketplace, Astro Casino and the other Astro Babies ventures, will be distributed to Astro Babies NFT holders through a tier based system in $ABB. This means Astro Babies NFTs create passive earning to holders, revolutionizing the utility for NFTs.

The project is backed by an audit, a SAFU contract (no malicious features according to Pinksale), KYC and a variety of features that protect holders such as anti swing trade design, max trans and max wallet rules. The Astro Babies team are fully doxxed and have established a presence in El Salvador (home of the Bitcoin legal tender) as the first NFT project to be fully incorporated into Salvadoran Culture.

The founders have been a staple the Salvadoran community providing Blockchain, NFT and crypto related jobs all while promoting Salvadoran artists at Comicon, running the first ever NFT/Crypto event center as well as launching the first ever land based crypto casino in the country.

The platform backing $ABB Astro Token is a first of its kind creating a permanent place for $ABB and Astro Babies NFTs in the overall Blockchain community globally, raising the bar for Blockchain ecosystems.
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Astro Token Token Price

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Volume $468.20
Buy/Sell feeUnknown
Total supply5.0M
Market Cap$351.4k
All Time HighNov 8, 2022, 5:39 PM
$0.2425-71.03 %
All Time High LPNov 11, 2022, 8:30 AM
$369,079 -30.65 %

Launched on Oct 27, 2022

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