Pitbull (PIT)

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Binance Smart Chain:

Pitbull is a self-staking token that had its ownership renounced and given to the community upon its creation. This decentralization of power has allowed Pitbull to flourish as a 100% community-driven project with markedly engaged holders and rapid growth on a daily basis.

50% of the total supply was burnt into a dead address in the project’s beginning. Pitbull is audited, declared as secure & rug-proof and improving with many tools, usecases, apps in its growing Ecosystem including PitCharts/PitSwap/PitTracker/PitFarm and many more incoming.

Pitbull holders automatically receive a distribution from 2% of each transaction of the $PIT and 2% of the transaction goes to dead adress and burned forever. Awareness programs for animal shelters for pitbulls and partnerships with non profit organizations are one of the top priorities of the project.